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From: Sharon Thomas
The Best Girls Friend Dating Coach

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Let me tell you — Just 10 Years Ago…

I found myself single again. I was not excited about the prospect of getting back into the dating world. I would go out once with a guy and get really down on myself when I never heard from him again!

We’d seem to click right early in the night, but very shortly after he’d seem to get bored, and I would find myself struggling to make conversation.

I was desperate …

I would be so hopeful — almost desperate that each date would turn into so much more. Only to have my hopes crumble… I would trip over my own words, and sit awkwardly through lulls in the conversation.

I’d go home thinking that maybe, just maybe, he thought I was worth another time out – after all – he did smile when he picked me up, and was very polite when he dropped me off. Surely he’d call the next day. A day would pass, another day, and yet another day, the phone would sit silent.

So many evenings alone…

After so many evenings alone, wondering why I hadn’t heard from him again, I started thinking that I just shouldn’t date. I went into solitude and hung out with the girls. I then started listening to people much older and wiser than I, and spent some time considering different approaches. The pieces were coming together, and with many conversations and insight, I had my own list of secrets.

Secrets that worked for me, secrets so good, that others felt I must have them. Friends began to ask “What’s Your Secret?” . They asked me to reveal them, and I did with my friends – one here, one there, and sat back and watched what happened.

Let me share my secrets…

These are secrets that I want to share with you.. Secrets too good to keep for myself… Secrets that would get me that second date – each and every time.
It sounds impossible! Right?

Have you ever experienced any of these thoughts
and feelings after a first date?

Please “check” all that apply to YOU:

I wonder if I made the right impression?
How many days am I going to have to wait before he calls?
What’s wrong with me? Why do they date me once and then I never hear from them again?
I wonder if I told him too much – he got really quiet after we talked about my history, and what I was looking for
What’s wrong with me? Why do they date me once and then I never hear from them again?

If you checked any of the above then “21 Secrets to Getting A Second Date” is exactly what you need.

You will learn how to set yourself up for success and create a plan to make your first date fun and exciting for you AND HIM!!!. You will learn many tips and techniques to keep his interest growing, so that he’ll be asking you out again before you even get to the end of the evening.

Keep reading to find out why this system is different that all the rest…

Do you need to learn how to help him make the decision to ask you out again while you are still out on your first date?
Do you want to learn how the timing of your behavior and actions on a date is critical to whether you will ever hear from him again?

Are you dying to know how to get ready for your first date to ensure success and keep him thinking of you long past when he says “I’ll call you?”
Is it important to you to learn what to say and when to say it and what to do when neither of you are saying anything?
Do you know how to dress to impress? What’s just enough to make him remember you, what will make him forget?
Want to know the secrets to the list of topics for conversation that will intrigue and interest any guy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

21 Secrets to Getting A Second Date is for you.

For less than the cost of the new hair cut you could get to TRY to impress your date, you could have in your hands, the secrets that many women would be so lucky to have.

For the time it would take to shop for that perfect pair of shoes, or new lipstick to wear on that date, you could review the list of 21 Secrets you need to make the effort you make to get ready for your date pay off for what could be for a lifetime.

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